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Oriel Davies Gallery, Wales
15 September - 7 November 2018

20-21 Visual Arts Centre, Scunthorpe
17th January 2019 - 23rd March 2019

Sidney Cooper Gallery, Canterbury
10th May - 15th June

Bonington Gallery, Nottingham
27th September – 16th November 2019


This map has been designed by Artist Ben Jeans Houghton. Over the course of the Waking The Witch touring exhibition, points of magical significance will be added to the locations of the map. Entries will be made by the exhibition's contributing artist and curators alongside contributions from the public. Top left of the map is an Astrological Birth Chart describing the positions of the planets and their aspects in relation to each other on the day of the opening. In the centre is a paired down Mandala from Ben's own magical system and to the right is a wheel of the year showing dates of seasonal significance. Click on the map symbols to be guided to information about each location.